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Yoga Connectendo


Yoga Connectendo

I think that this discipline needs no introduction, however today the world of yoga is a constellation of styles and techniques; I chose for my education the LotoBlu Yoga Center training, done according to the tradition of Swami SATYANANDA Saraswati. Yoga represents my most soulful part, moreover having lived in Sri Lanka and nurturing a deep bond with this land and its culture, I wanted a school with a lineage and a tradition as close as possible to the origins of this discipline and that did not ignore from the philosophy that permeates it.

The benefits of this discipline are many and the magnificence lies in seeing how small movements, practiced with the right attention and constancy, give great results. Yoga is like bread, if it's missing on the table you know it. It is possible to have private lessons according to your needs, or in a group.

Yoga Connectendo

TIME for YOURSELF, a simple way to get in touch with our most intimate part, meditation is a training, one step at a time you will learn through guided meditations drawn from various traditions and with specific music, to re-tune yourself. Starting from conscious breathing you will discover how to feed the best coach of your brain! YOGA NIDRA This is a part of yoga that works on the systematic rotation of consciousness in the body. Taken from the writings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati: "When an individual sleeps, a certain state of potential remains, a form of awareness that is awake and fully alert to external situations. I found that by training the mind, it is possible to use this state.

After this discovery, I began to study the tantric scriptures in a new light. I found some very important and little known practices that interested me a lot. After practicing them myself, I decided to devise a new system called Yoga Nidra that would incorporate the essence of these practices, without complicated ritualistic aspects. " I love this discipline for its effectiveness, for the kindness and sweetness with which it leads to a state of deep relaxation.

Yoga Connectendo

CRYSTAL THERAPY is inserted among the modern new age techniques, but in reality the roots of its history merge far in time. There are many cultures in the world that used it both in terms of energy, both spiritual and physical health. From the Egyptians to the Sumerians, stones were used both for the well-being of the individual and for the entire community. GEM THERAPY is an alternative medicine practice, which aims to rebalance dysfunctions or illnesses by placing minerals on certain points of the body. I really love stones that have fascinated me since I was a child. By combining the benefits of GEMS with SHIATSU techniques, a REGENERATING and RELAXING TREATMENT was born; for those who wish it is possible to choose their own gems and a "small" kit for a treatment to be done independently to prolong the well-being and benefits of the session, or to "harmonize" the spaces of their home.

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