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It’s the branch of my work as a coach dedicated to the NeuroTribù: PEOPLE with PARKINSON, ALZHEIMER, MS, but also FIBROMYALGIA... Everything I do, whether in a group or individually, serves to improve the quality of life ...


The thing I like most about Co-Shiatsu is teaching people that in their hands there is the same "therapeutic" power as in mine, perhaps just a little less awareness of this power...


It’s a PATH, a journey, a TOOL, a SPARK that allows you to reach a timeless space of CALM and PEACE, where you can REGENERATE yourself and rise your AWARENESS...


A TREATMENT done lying on the floor on a mattress or on the bed massage, wearing COMFORTABLE CLOTHES, while a Shiatsuka performs a series of ACUPRESSURE along points or meridians on your body.


I think this discipline doesn’t need any introduction. The benefits are many and the magnificence lies in seeing how small movements, practiced with the right attention and constancy, give great results.


CRYSTAL THERAPY is inserted among the modern new age techniques, but in reality the roots of its history merge far in time. There are many cultures in the world that used it both in terms of energy, both spiritual and physical health.