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About Connectendo


About Connectendo

As some of my clients say, Barbarapensiero ... because HAPPINESS is a choice. I share with you articles, experiences and .... a lot of life. Thank you for being here!

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Those who know me, know how much I live from what I do, not only because it is my job, but above all because it is my lifestyle: healthy, seasonal, 0 km food, no cultures or intensive farming; movement and breathing exercises, mostly outdoors, in the midst of nature; grandmother's remedies, ancient knowledge and Chinese medicine, Yoga and Flow. Everything I do I test on myself, if I recommend a colleague, or a specialist: an osteopath, a doctor, a nutritionist, an acupuncture it is because I know him professionally, I have been thoroughly informed, I know how he works, I would trust him. If I choose a method, a master, a device is the same. TAKING CARE of my clients is fundamental:

I like that they feel cared for, that they can be entrusted and trusted, that they feel free to ask, cry, talk, laugh, that they perceive that they are the center of my world in that moment. . Since 2018 I have integrated my knowledge of Chinese medicine and shiatsu with personalized workouts aimed at psychophysical well-being, taken from the Nirvana Fitness method, this modality has been implemented and deepened with the Flowcoach by Nirvana certification. To date, the specialization gained in neurological and neurodegenerative diseases is all borrowed into a single coaching program in which meditative techniques, breathing work, shiatsu treatments, self-shiatsu converge, developing a path built around the recipient for the promotion and management of psychophysical well-being. Yoga has always been my most private and soul side, becoming an instructor was an immense joy and made me love this discipline even more. Also the training and purchase of software (Baiobit) that allows both to "measure" my clients and their imbalances, and to have postural and cognitive "training" tools. The definition of coach foresees a team to train, but CUSTOMIZE, sew on a path, a lesson is the key to obtaining results, that's why I offer both group and individual lessons.

About Connectendo


What is a flowcoach?

A coach is a trainer, in this case of well-being, with whom to establish a unique path and is unique for a few reasons: You are the center of this path You are the expert ... that's right: you are your own expert! By focusing on the present and the future, yes the past matters, but let's explore together where you are and where you want to be. We elevate and discover your strengths, supporting you in taking charge of your health Shiatsu, meditation, Chinese medicine, yoga, Flow exercises and breathing techniques.

Which tools?

Yes, learning to know yourself, to see you, to respect your rhythms allows you to better manage your daily life by decreasing the stress and anxiety related to it.

Can it help me for stress, anxiety?

Yes, learning to know yourself, to see you, to respect your rhythms allows you to better manage your daily life by decreasing the stress and anxiety related to it.

Is it used for postural problems, back pain, neck pain, chronic pain?

Is it used for postural problems, back pain, neck pain, chronic pain? Yes, sometimes we have emotional blocks, sometimes physical, sometimes both, we will discover the keys that open them and make us feel the body as unique.

What should I expect?

A journey together with the rediscovery of you, made up of many exercises, moments of sharing and comparison.

What should I not expect?

It is not a psychological therapy. It's a workout in feeling good and I'll teach you which tools you have at your disposal.

Are you a doctor?

No and not even a psychologist, I'm your coach.

Is there a minimum or maximum age or can everyone access it?

Everyone can access it, there is no age limit, only skills, if I don't have them to follow you I will direct you to who can do it.

If I have a pathology or a neurological disease, can it help me? How?

Yes, we will work on the strengths, on the compensatory strategies, on how to improve the whole outline.

Why I would need a flow coach for neurological, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, etc..)?

Because before the disease, there is you and the quality of your life, because if you are chronically ill, then you are also chronically healthy.

Is it needed for fibromyalgia?

YES, it can help with insomnia and sleep disorders.

Can you help me in case of intestinal problems (stomach and intestines)?

Yes, we will find out together what is good for you and what is not, what helps you to alleviate and even eliminate some aliments and what makes them worse.

Why NeuroTribù?

Because it emphasizes the relationship, the community and not the pathology, it serves not to identify or personify a disease.

Are there any headache programs?

Migraine: there are various types and intensity degrees of what we commonly call "headaches", yoga and shiatsu are a great and valid help in the treatment of this pathology.