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Neuro Connectendo

What is this? It’s the “branch” of my work as a coach for the NeuroTribù: PEOPLE with PARKINSON, ALZHEIMER, MS, but also FIBROMYALGIA ... Everything I do, both in groups and individually, serves to improve the quality of life, POSTURE, BALANCE , MOVEMENTS, SLEEP, DIGESTION, TREMOR, to fight STIPSIS etc. In this path there is also an information and dissemination part of both tools and resources useful for patients and CAREGIVERS.

As a "coach" I tend to encourage teamwork as much as possible, as the relational aspect, which is important for anyone, in this case, takes on an almost therapeutic connotation. My motto is: we are CHRONICALLY HEALTHY and this is the side to work on, the paradigm to use to get out of the mental and motor patterns that afflict us.

About Connectendo

The thing I like most about Co-Shiatsu is teaching people that in their hands there is the same "therapeutic" power as in mine, perhaps just a little less awareness of this power. I like being able to give a sequence, an acupoint that helps in dealing with the small daily inconveniences, a cuddle that you can give yourself or you can give to your loved ones, your grandchildren, children, husbands, wives, friends. caregivers. A two-way, equal, skin-to-skin exchange, a Sharing, a CoShiatsu. Why CoShiatsu? Because it is SHARING, CONNECTION, COLLABORATION. Co-Shiatsu is a different way of carrying Shiatsu. It consists not only of teaching easy techniques and useful points for daily ailments; such as constipation, digestive difficulties, headaches ..., but above all in giving a sequence of safe and effective maneuvers to SPOUSES, SICK person and CAREGIVERS, MOTHERS and CHILDREN, GRANDPARENTS and GRANDCHILDREN.

Working mostly with neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, but also being a mother, I have too often seen disharmonies and relational difficulties due to the IMBALANCE between the parties, too often one from and the other receives, triggering feelings of frustration and discomfort, instead it is possible to have one equal space, where those who are treated care and vice versa and then wonderful things happen. The sequence is built according to the needs and psychophysical conditions of the clients. I thought a lot about what to teach you, what to write on this page: research, scientific studies .. then I thought about Covid19, the lockdowns and I realized that all the answers were there. What was missing the most? Physical contact, the warmth of a hug, the comfort of hands shaking other hands, hands holding others; I don't need scientific proof of the importance of Contact. It was important to give you this tool ... the touch that makes you feel good, makes you feel better.