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Flow Connectendo

Flow, Flowing... but what exactly is it? It is a PATH, a TOOL, a SPARK that allows you to reach a timeless space of CALM and PEACE, where you can REGENERATE. Flow has permeated my whole life, that of my children, it has incorporated shiatsu, it has become the common denominator of everything I do. A few minutes a day, a constant, daily workout are enough to achieve amazing results. I've always liked to give tools to face daily challenges and since fate doesn't exist in my life, Flow by Nirvana happened. Come and find out!

It’s a lifestyle training that improves physical aspects, mental attitudes, BEHAVIOURS that lead us to STRESS, ANXIETY, CHRONIC PAIN, HEADACHE, DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, SLEEP DISORDERS and much more. You will learn techniques of meditation, breathing work, balance exercises, strengthening, stretching that will allow you to modify what you no longer tolerate than You. The path is individual, but I also hold group lessons aimed at improving the psychophysical well-being of people and allowing them to approach a method and then eventually undertake an individual path. You will learn how to reach the FLOWSTATE: a timeless space, where you perceive your best and perform your best.

Flow Connectendo

That is my little big magical world. Password: Respect, Pressure, Silence, Listening, Welcoming, Empathy, Breath. Who can receive shiatsu treatment? ALL What is Shiatsu?

A TREATMENT that is done lying on the floor on a mattress (futon), WEARING comfortable clothes, while a Shiatsuka (a professional) performs a series of ACUPRESSURE along points or meridians on your body with palms, thumb, elbow, knee ; a Japanese discipline that finds its roots in an even more ancient Japanese technique (Anma). This is more or less the description, but SHIATSU is actually much more! It is passion, it is a way of living, of thinking ... it is research, it is constant work on myself, it is discovery, it is study, it is a lot of Chinese medicine. For those who receive it: it’s ConTact with oneself, with one's own body, it is a dialogue made up of pressures, silences, listening, discoveries and rediscoveries. A heart-to-heart dialogue between RECEIVER and CAREGIVER. IT IS THE TIME BETWEEN FINGERS